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  • Cyriac Mathen; Francis Thomas (Society of Fisheries Technologis(India), 1987)
    Prawn meat which was never in contact with ice or water prior to freezing was frozen at -30°C and was studied upto six months of storage at -23 °c for thawing losses and cooked characteristics of the thawed material. ...
  • Thoams, F.; Mathen, C. (Sea Food Exporters Association of India, 1979)
    Quality requirements of water used in India for processing seafoods are discussed in detail, with emphasis on physical, chemical, bacteriological and biological characteristics. Existing standards and specifications are ...
  • Thomas, F.; Mukundan, M.K.; Varma, P.R.G.; Radhakrishnan, A.G.; Ashraf, P.M. (Society of Fisheries Technologists(India),Cochin, 2003)
    Seafood processing industry requires plentiful supply of potable water. Standards of water applicable to seafood industry in India are Indian Standards IS: 4251and EEC Directive No. 801778/EEC. For exporting seafood to ...

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